March Challenge: Project update!

Long time no see! πŸ™‚ I don’t know if you knew but it turns out that sewing is a very expensive and time-consuming hobby! I started out with visiting my local quilt shop to look out for some cute fabric. If you are ever in the area, Virka is a great place with an amazing selection of fabrics. I am always totally overwhelmed when I look around.

I figured it would be good for me to sew something small and rewarding. These baby bibs are also curved so a great opportunity to learn something besides straight stitching. I used the Tutorial from Sew-Funky and it was really easy to understand and well described.

Baby bibs

Afterwards I found a piece of curtain and designed my own apron πŸ™‚ Yes, I am very proud of that. I added pleats and pockets and everything. And an apron is only half a skirt anyways so I am halfway there! The pockets were also made of some fabric I found at Virka. I used it last christmas to sew little bags for gifts from the kitchen and had some scraps left.


I might have gotten a little ahead of myself in the Euphoria about my first “original design” and purchased a Burda easy dress sewing pattern… I opened the envelope and was so intimidated that I closed it right away. But I have another week for this challenge so I will take another look at it tomorrow in the fresh light of day.

So far I have learned that french braiding is a lot easier than sewing. πŸ™‚ Sewing needs more preparation and takes a lot longer than I expected. – Hey, I knit, it takes longer to knit a sweater than to sew but still: instant gratification needed! Stay tuned for more sewing updates, I have also prepped 2 new recipes for you -> coming soon!


Prepping for Easter! (free printable)


2 more printables here for you to use for Easter!

I adore the little bunny place cards for your Easter brunch, you can also use them as labels but I arranged them upside down so that you can use them as tiny place cards and write names on both sides.




The green ones totally bring me into the mood to plant something and clean my house, don’t they? We started March with a blizzard and I sincerely hope I will be able to finish the month sitting on the balcony in my jammies! πŸ™‚

If you like the printable please leave me a comment and let me know what you will use it for!

March Challenge: Learn to sew!

Another Challenge for myself on the path to becoming a better me and keeping up with my resolutions!

In case you have wondered:

  • Kitchen is still clean!
  • I have mastered the art of French Braiding!

For March I will improve my sewing skills!

image by

I have pinned a lot of inspiration on my Pinterest sewing board and I will get started next week. (since I will also use up my vacation then – very convenient!)

One of the goals is to wet my toes with Quilting small things, Mugrugs seem to be the new thing! (not entirely sure what I would use them for but who doesn’t start crafting for Christmas gifts in March, right? – call this a head start.)

Second goal is to make something wearable, I am thinking a skirt or failing this probably something for babies to wear. I have tried this with knitting and it is a lot easier to practise things on a smaller scale. I for example learned how to add pockets to any kind of garment by practising on a baby cardigan. Yes, Babies do not actually need pockets since their motor skills still lack, but tiny pockets are cute!

Anyone is welcome to join me!

Happy Easter! (free printable)

So I have recently ventured into Photoshop – to be correct, yesterday πŸ™‚

And since I am proud of my first project I would like to share this free printable for everyone preparing for Easter!

download Free Easter Printable


To give credit where credit is due, I have used tutorials from Alibony for the yellow and the multicoloured polka dots. The tutorials are really easy to follow, even for beginners who are working with Photoshop CS and not Elements. Check it out and try your own!!

If you like the printable please leave me a comment and let me know what you will use it for!